Mission Statement

The Sports Law Clinic at the School of Law, University College Cork is a pro-bono law clinic aimed at giving students the opportunity to engage with and provide a useful service to the wider sporting community. The Sports  Law Clinic is run by final year undergraduate UCC law students. It is imperative to note that the Sports Law Clinic will not, under any circumstances, offer legal advice. Individuals, clubs or entities seeking legal advice should seek the services of a solicitor.

The Sports Law Clinic welcomes invitations to provide information from any individual, club or entity.

The aims of the Sports Law Clinic are:

  • To improve both the breadth and quality of information available on matters of law in the field of sport on a pro-bono basis;
  • To promote the making of adequate preparations by sporting clubs in legal matters as relating to the running of a club;
  • To provide students with practical experience of sports law and the running of a legal clinic.