About the Sports Law Clinic

The Clinic operates under the direct supervision of the Directors Dr Aisling Parkes and Dr Seán Ó Conaill of the School of Law.

The work of the Clinic is also supported by an experienced advisory board of experts from various sporting and professional backgrounds.

What We Do

The Sports Law Clinic was established on foot of a successful New Foundations grant from the Irish Research Council in 2015. The Sports Law Clinic  not only provides a much-needed pro bono service to the local community but it also provides UCC Law students with unprecedented skills by working directly with Sports clients.

The Clinic takes the form of a clinic module during the academic year which is essentially Sports law in action.

The clinic was first established in the year 2016/2017 and has been operated successfully each academic semester since.

It is based on an active learning model and provides students with a unique opportunity to work on sports-related cases as well as policy activities, which would enhance their knowledge of sports law in practice.

Throughout the clinic, students develop specialised skills of sports-related legal research, writing and strategy.

Students work on specific sports-related legal issues such as doping, governance, and disciplinary proceedings in a wide range of sports including rugby, athletics, soccer, GAA and boxing.

In particular, this module addresses legal standards and professional ethics and helps to raise awareness about minimum standards of regulation in the sports field.

Students work on actual cases and policy initiatives, and benefit from guest seminars from a range of perspectives and disciplines.

Why You’ll Love Us

The clinic also engages in research-related activities on a regular basis, which includes compiling amicus briefs for clients as well as delivering information sessions to club sports organisations and their volunteers.

The clinic also hosts a panel discussion each year with guest speakers to engage in topical issues in sports law at the present time.